Setup Service.

We’re here to help you maximize your online reputation and make the most out of your reviews. This includes automatic integration with your webshop or CRM system, widgets on your website, or sending review requests to recent customers.

$ 399,-

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Step 1

Strategy & Launch session

We start with a conversation where we want to learn more about your business. We discuss what you do, your processes, the systems you use, and your experience with reviews. Additionally, we’d like to hear about your wishes and needs regarding reviews and reputation management.

Step 2


With our extensive experience across various industries, chances are we already have solutions that perfectly fit your business. We’ll quickly come up with fitting ideas on how we can assist you with our review and reputation management capabilities.

Step 3


During this step, we’ll go through the various tools and possibilities that Revuw offers together. We provide tailored advice, and you have the freedom to choose which options best suit your business.

Together you go further

While we shape your Revuw environment, you can focus all your attention on your business. This way, you can go live quickly.


Our experts build a perfect review flow with the best user experience, including all necessary integrations and connections.

100% happy

We have significant experience, listen carefully to your wishes, and also teach you how to make adjustments yourself.

Step 5

Let us do the work

While we’re hard at work, you don’t need to worry about a thing. We handle everything, from liaising with your website builder to integrating the selected widgets into your internal systems.

Step 6


Once everything is designed and installed, we’re here to help you get started. We’ll explain how everything works, what happens automatically, and how you can easily generate and share reviews using our tools.